February 22, 2015
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Anne Hathaway is set to star in The Burning Woman. The 32-year-old actress reportedly signed up to the project, which is being produced by Ridley Scott’s company Scott Free, after reading the script by Brad Ingelsby, who is said to have penned it with the raven-haired star in mind as the leading character, sources told Deadline.
The drama/thriller movie is based on an original idea by the scriptwriter and tells the story of a 32-year-old woman who is left devastated when her teenage daughter goes missing and as a result, she is left to bring up her daughter’s son on her own. The film will capture the 11 years after her child goes missing up to the discovery of the truth of what happened.
Producers Ridley, Michael Schaefer and Michael Pruss are now on the hunt for a director before looking for a distributor.

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December 7, 2014
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Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, known together as Jenny and Johnny, wrote a bunch of original songs for Song One, the new film starring Anne Hathaway. The film’s soundtrack has been detailed, Exclaim reports. It’s out January 13 via Lakeshore.
Most of Lewis and Rice’s songs are performed by Johnny Flynn, one of the film’s stars. Hathaway appears on the soundtrack once. The soundtrack also features songs by Sharon Van Etten, Dan Deacon, Nina Simone, and others.
This isn’t the first time Lewis and Hathaway have collaborated together, either. Hathaway (along with Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson) appeared in the video for Lewis’ hit single off The Voyager, “Just One of the Guys.”
The film is set for a limited release January 23rd. The soundtrack is due on shelves January 13th. Full tracklist below. Read More

November 16, 2014
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Director Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is already a hit at the box office, taking in over $326 million worldwide after just one week in release. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reactions from fans and critics alike, the film has been taking some heat for its approach to the sound, with several fans complaining that many key lines of dialogue are difficult to hear. Questions have been raised about whether it’s the director’s fault, or the theaters, but the filmmaker revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the sound is exactly how he wanted it.
“I’ve always loved films that approach sound in an impressionistic way and that is an unusual approach for a mainstream blockbuster, but I feel it’s the right approach for this experiential film. Many of the filmmakers I’ve admired over the years have used sound in bold and adventurous ways. I don’t agree with the idea that you can only achieve clarity through dialogue. Clarity of story, clarity of emotions – I try to achieve that in a very layered way using all the different things at my disposal – picture and sound.”
He went on to praise theaters for presenting the sound in this unconventional way, exactly how he envisioned it, after visiting theaters such as TCL Chinese Imax Theatre and the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood and the AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York. Continue reading…

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November 7, 2014
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Shortly after Warner Bros. and DC Comics announced their full superhero release slate last month, we learned that The Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan is no longer involved with the franchise. His last superhero movie, 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, featured Catwoman played by Anne Hathaway, who states in a recent interview that she would love the chance to play that role again in a stand alone movie.
Here’s what she had to say, when asked if she would ever consider portraying Selina Kyle one more time: “I would be totally up for doing it. If Chris (Nolan) was involved. For me, the thing that made doing that part particularly fun was that she existed in his Gotham. Without him I don’t think it would be the same thing. But I also wonder about that part. If because she’s a thief, it’s not better to have her be a small part in a larger film. So she can go through and steal aspects of the film. But when the focus is squarely on her, I don’t know if it works as well.”
When asked if she would be up for a small cameo appearance in any of the upcoming DC Comics movies, the actress had this to say. “Oh yeah that’d be fun. I’d definitely love that. I want to play her again. I don’t know – this is just speculation, because I do think about it sometimes – I think she’s got an amazing backstory and it would be great to see her get her own film. But I don’t know – she is someone who… mystery serves her well so I don’t know what a whole film would do. But who knows?”

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December 6, 2013
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Sundance 2014 promises to be as varied as ever, with a healthy mix of world cinema, documentary film and Hollywood output. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the festival will run from January 16-26 and, by the time it closes its doors, will have showcased 117 feature-length projects, 16 of which are world premieres.
“This year’s lineup is reflective of film-makers wanting to tell new stories, and we’re seeing a broader range of characters and ages,” Trevor Groth, the director of programming, told the Hollywood Reporter. “A lot of times, the typical Sundance film-maker has a younger perspective and tells stories of what they know. But this year we’re seeing more stories about people who are older.”
Grabbing attention already is John Slattery’s directorial debut, God’s Pocket, which tells the tale of a construction worker’s life after his stepson dies on site. Things get worse for him as his cover story begins to wear thin. The Mad Men star has enlisted Phillip Syemor Hoffman and Richard Jenkins for his bow, while Christina Hendricks and John Turturro.
Similarly dark, thematically anyway, is Jim Mickle’s Cold in July, which sees a small-town Texan get to grips with life after murdering a burglar. It stars Michael C Hall, Don Johnson and Sam Shephard. The film’s synopsis, according to IMDB, is: “In 1980s East Texas, two fathers pitted against each other in revenge must band together to uncover a darker truth.”
Kristen Stewart also enjoys the status of festival a-lister with her film, Camp X-Ray, towards the top of the slate. The movie tells the ostensibly compelling story of a Guantanamo Prison guard who forges an improbable friendship with an inmate. The Peter Sattler-written-and-directed film also stars Payman Maadi, Lane Garriso n, J.J. Soria and John Carroll Lynch.
Having won an Oscar for her role in Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway stars in writer-director Kate Barker-Froyland’s Song One. It centres on a young woman’s return to her hometown following the death of her brother, who left behind a vibrant music scene in which she becomes embroiled. Read More

September 8, 2013
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Putting Batman behind him, filmmaker Christopher Nolan has been in production with his new feature Interstellar since August 13th. He’s been able to assemble a compact All-Star cast for his project which includes Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. A tight lid has been kept on the set (until now) and little is known about the film except that it involves traveling through a wormhole.
Filming started in Canada, but now the cast and crew have moved to Iceland, which has become quite popular for depicting science fiction backdrops. (Check out Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion.)
The move to Iceland may be news in itself, but according to a source close to the inside, filming has started on a set constructed to look like a crashed spaceship. Without using a second unit, which is standard Christopher Nolan protocol, the sequence for the feature will more than likely be created with practical special effects. Something that could be a key factor in telling the story. According to the source, models for a series of Drones have also been created. In addition, a larger spacecraft referred to as ‘The Mother Ship’ will also play a major role. So how will all this tie together? Is mankind’s future coming back to the past to escape a calamity or to warn the Earth to change the destructive path it is currently set on? In any case, if Christopher Nolan is in charge, it should be exciting!
Here is the storyline for the film: In the future, governments and economies across the globe have collapsed, food is scarce, NASA is no more, and the 20th Century is to blame. A mysterious rip in spacetime opens and it’s up to whatever is left of NASA to explore and offer up hope for mankind.
Interstellar is currently in production and is scheduled for a November 7th, 2014 release. The film stars Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Michael Caine, Topher Grace, Mackenzie Foy, Wes Bentley, David Oyelowo, John Lithgow, Ellen Burstyn, Elyes Gabel, Bill Irwin, Timothée Chalamet and David Gyasi. Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan wrote the screenplay based on the story by Kip S. Thorne. Christopher Nolan directs.

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June 21, 2013
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Anne Hathaway is to produce and star in the big screen adaptation of The Lifeboat.Les Miserables actress has landed a role in the film version of Charlotte Rogan’s novel of the same name after the rights to the tome were jointly acquired by Working Title and Focus Features.
The novel tells the story of Grace Winter, a newlywed and a widow, who is standing on trial for murder in 1914 after surviving the sinking of the transatlantic ship the Empress. Grace manages to squeeze herself into a spot on a lifeboat following as the ship is sinking, but disaster strikes when survivors begin to talk about removing some passengers from the overcrowded lifeboat. Grace is faced with a trial upon her return, questioning how she managed to survive at sea for three weeks and return apparently unscathed.
Rogan got the inspiration for the novel from legal cases in the 19th century which saw the survivors of shipwrecks tried for their actions at sea.
Anne, who won an Oscar for her role in Les Miserables, will be co-producing the film along with producers from Working Title and Film 360.Apollo 13 and Castaway, is writing the script for the film and will also take the role of executive producer.

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June 9, 2013
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Jenny Lewis and boyfriend/collaborator Johnathan Rice have been tapped to score and provide music for Song One, an upcoming musical, romantic drama starring Anne Hathaway. According to a press release, the film& tells the story of a young archaeologist (Hathaway, natch) who returns home from a dig and “strikes up a relationship with her ailing brother’s favorite musician,” who will be played by British folkie Johnny Flynn.
In addition to scoring said feature, Lewis and Rice have written a collection of original songs specifically for the flick. The adorkable duo have performed under the moniker Jenny and Johnny since 2010, the same year they released their debut album, I’m Having Fun Now. To date, that record is the only full-length release credited to the Jenny and Johnny project.
Talk of the pair’s involvement with Song One dates back to February (via Indiewire), but the team-up was confirmed on Monday. Lewis, who is reportedly “80 percent” done with her next solo effort, previously worked as score composer/music supervisor on Very Good Girls, a 2013 movie directed by Naomi Foner. Jenny and Johnny both have on-screen chops to boot; the ex-Rilo Kiley singer is a former child actress, and her songwriting partner played Roy Orbison in 2005’s Walk the Line.
Song One is being produced by Jonathan Demme and Marc Platt, alongside Hathaway and Adam Shulman. The movie — which was written and will be directed by Kate Barker-Froyland — begins shooting in New York City later this month.

Source: Spin.com

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